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CFS is renowned for its capabilities in unpacking and packing heavy materials with the use of our specialised equipment and experienced team members.

At CFS we boast one of Melbourne's largest range of forklifts.

Our container handling equipment includes;

  • 6 Heavy container handling forklifts (26 tonnes – 40 tonnes)
  • 12-tonne empty container handler

CFS has the capacity to lift anything from a small carton to steel lengths weighing up to 30 tonnes. Our warehouse machinery equipment includes;

  • 2.5 tonne forklifts with attachments for slipsheets, drums, bales, reels and standard pallets
  • 5 tonne forklifts with roll grab attachments
  • 5 tonne forklifts with 2500mm blades for over dimensional stock
  • 7 tonne rated forklifts capable of entering containers
  • 16 tonne forklifts that with our state of the art 30-foot steel prong used to remove 40-foot lengths of steel and timber from containers.
  • 30 tonne bladed forklift that can lift just about anything we throw at it.

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