CFS is committed to achieving greater efficiencies for our customers throughout the transport and distribution process. This requires an intimate understanding of the customer's specific needs and is accomplished by using the appropriate skills of people within our network.

Whether it's consolidating your stock or making sure you meet the tightest of delivery windows, we can customise a logistics solution to suit your business. We provide a dependable and high-quality service at a time that suits you.

Our priority is to meet port delivery and pick-up deadlines so that our clients can rest easy knowing their goods are in safe hands. We strive to make sure time-sensitive cargo is handled with the efficiency it deserves.

Two depots located 10 minutes from the Melbourne ports allows prompt delivery of your containers at all required hours. We deliver goods in a consistent and high-quality manner that ensures your business can continue to run on smoothly.

CFS is driven by its clients' needs, and we are passionate about finding unique ways to meet them. Our diverse range of services and equipment gives us the ability to take on any project regardless of its size and scope. We can and will tailor our services to meet specific customer requirements.

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